Pecan Industry Updates Formula for Converting Meats to Inshell

July 30, 2008

The National Pecan Shellers Association (NPSA) announced that effective August, 1, 2008, it will begin to use a higher percentage factor to convert meats to inshell when estimating how many pecans are available in the marketplace.   For decades the industry has used the standard conversion rate of 40% to convert meats to inshell and visa-versa.  However, with advances in farm technology and the proliferation on higher yielding improved varieties, it became apparent that the conversion rate needed to be modified.  In an effort to more accurately report inventory data relative to average pecan yield, the NPSA surveyed its 27 Sheller members regarding average yield and mill loss over a six year period.  A six year time frame was used to take into account the on and off year nature of Pecan crops.  Using the results of those surveys, as well as information available through USDA, the NPSA concluded that 44% more accurately represents today’s average yield.