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Pecan Market Update


This past Friday, December 12, 2008, the USDA released the second of its 2008 Pecan crop estimates reducing their estimate of this year's crop to 189.06 million pounds (inshell basis).  As such, the supply situation shapes up as follows (figures are expressed on an inshell basis in millions of…

Pecan Market Update


On Friday, October 10, 2008, the USDA released the first of its 2008 Pecan crop estimates estimating this year's crop to be 204 million pounds (inshell basis).  This is in line with the estimate released by the National Pecan Shellers Association two weeks ago (203.75 million pounds) and in line…

Pecan Industry Updates Formula for Converting Meats to Inshell


The National Pecan Shellers Association (NPSA) announced that effective August, 1, 2008, it will begin to use a higher percentage factor to convert meats to inshell when estimating how many pecans are available in the marketplace.   For decades the industry has used the standard conversion rate…

Record Supply does not necessarily lead to lower prices


PECANS Although the USDA did not calculate the 2007 crop to be as large as many had anticipated (or believe it to have been), the final figure of 385.3 million inshell pounds made this the second largest crop ever.  Based on current FAS import/export data, 2007/2008 total…

Nut Market Update


PECANS Consumption continues to be very strong, particularly in the export market. China continues to be the major purchaser of inshell Pecans with exports to China surpassing 32 million pounds as of February 28, 2008.  While the final crop figures are not due out until…

Almond Market Update - Shipments continue at record levels


The Almond market has continued to be slow and soft for the past month with prices drifting down about $0.10/lb.  Today the Almond Board released its Position Report showing record January shipments of 94 million lbs, 14% more than last January.  Year to date shipments are also 14% ahead of a…