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Specializing in the markteting of tree nuts.
Record Supply does not necessarily lead to lower prices - 07/10/08
PECANS Although the USDA did not calculate the 2007 crop to be as large as many had anticipated (or believe it to have been), the final figure of 385.3 million inshell pounds made this the second largest crop ever.  Based on current FAS import/export...
Nut Market Update - 05/07/08
PECANS Consumption continues to be very strong, particularly in the export market. China continues to be the major purchaser of inshell Pecans with exports to China surpassing 32 million pounds as of February 28, 2008.  While the final crop figures are...
Almond Market Update - Shipments continue at record levels - 02/07/08
The Almond market has continued to be slow and soft for the past month with prices drifting down about $0.10/lb.  Today the Almond Board released its Position Report showing record January shipments of 94 million lbs, 14% more than last January.  Year to...


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