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Macadamias have a wide array of applications including delicately roasted and lightly salted snacks, delicious chocolate chip and macadamia cookies and ingredients for fine ice creams from around the world. Macadamias are grown in Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and several regions of South Africa. The unique flavor and delicate texture of macadamias is a perfect ingredient to enhance any food product and elevate your product to a premium grade status.

Macadamias can be enjoyed in many different ways. From a lightly toasted snack nut to an exciting ingredient in confectionary and bakery products, macadamias can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Macadamia nuts are available in 9 different sizes.

Style 0 Contains no less than 95% large whole kernels. This style is perfect for gourmet snack packs or for hand made confectionery. Sizes range upwards of 22mm.
Style 1 Contains at least 90% whole kernels. This style is a specialty product for snack packs and chocolate coating. Sizes are at least 17mm.
Style 2 Contains at least 50% whole kernels. This style is the most versatile product suitable for snack packs, confectionery and bakery products. Sizes range upwards of 13mm.
Style 3 Contains at least 15% whole kernels and at least 90% half and larger kernels. This product is ideal for small snack packs. Sizes range upwards of 15mm.
Style 4 Contains at least 80% half kernels and no more than 5% wholes. This size is excellent for use as an ingredient in bakery products, confectionery and small snack packs. Sizes range upwards of 9mm.
Style 5 Consists of an industrial roasted product suitable for ice cream, cookies, fine food preparation and confectionery. Sizes range 9mm to 12mm.
Style 6 This style is suitable for confectionery, ice cream, baking, topping and as an ingredient in other food preparations. Sizes are at least 5mm.
Style 7 This size is only available in roasted form for use as a topping in breakfast cereals and in fine food preparations. Sizes range from 3mm to 6mm.
Style 8 This size is excellent for soups and butter. Sizes are smaller than 3mm.

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